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Always watching

Im always watching everyone everything everywhere I go, I try not to put myself in any situations where I'm cornered, and I never let myself be a soft target.

A couple times recently I have had people make obscene moves in traffic such as accelerating around me just to cut me off and slam on the brakes (Arizona drivers). I drive a Miata by the way, this guy makes his move I swerve pass him and he follows me like hes on a mission to get me, keep in mind I am 155lbs and 5'11" basically the definition of skinny white kid, the guy chasing me was a heavy set Latino fellow in a camry, I took a few quick turns ran a red (taking a right) and got away. This has happened a couple of times with the person giving chase disappearing around a corner behind me.

A couple years ago I had been jumped by a group of Mexicans in my low income housing neighborhood (they cornered me) , it wasn't too bad just a black eye and a few bruises. Two weeks after I moved out of the "hood" my old roommate was walking down the same street, he is the same size and build as I am, the same group of guys walks towards him and one says "what size shoes are those" he had my CZ40p on him and he presented it racked a round and said ".40 cal" they backed off and he walked home. I later told him that he could have been shot and it would have been the five of them vs him in court, if he was still alive, and to keep it loaded next time.

From this I learned to always be aware of my surroundings and to avoid anyone that looks even remotely suspicious. Since then I haven't had any real notable issues.
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