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hard target

as an active duty veteran with 3 all expenses payed trips to the Middle East I can say that many things come into play when it comes to evading danger. A hard target being the main thing in my opinion. For a more practical example, someone who is walking around texting and talking into their bluetooth head set all day paying no attention to anything but the "important" text or phone conversation is a much softer target than someone who is legally carrying a firearm, (or two) watching his or her 6 o'clock, and generally being aware of everything and everyone around them. When I was overseas in a combat zone, I never pulled the trigger or hammered down on the butterfly because I never had to. My head was on a swivel, constantly scanning potential danger areas and people, both with my eyes and my weapon system. My unit never engaged in major combat because we at all times presented a hard target. Very unfortunately, not all the other units were so fortunate. If it walks and talks like a duck, future predators will most likely assume it is a duck~me
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