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I agree with you BGutzman that there is a strong element of mass media involved in movements but that has been true for a long time. Newspapers used to be considered a mass media. In fact, I wonder how much the actual presence of a camera creates an event. It becomes a "happening," to use a word from the late 1960s. As far as the radio is concerned, just tune across the dial until you hear someone shouting.

Does anyone think maybe that the present situation (as far as the situation is actually what we think it is) may be what we wanted and got? I recall is a college class on either juvenille deliquency (what an old-fashioned term) or criminology someone suggesting that if we just locked up more people, then crime would go down. That's pretty much what happened, you know, yet no one here believes crime went down, no matter what anyone says.

I already mentioned that Nixon ran on a law and order platform. People were upset with the changes in the social order that were happening then. People will vote for law and order over anything.
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