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Here is a quick and easy way to "lap" an aluminum or clean an abused hard metal mold. melt a small amount of hard alloy such as linotype or a couple of the cursed zinc wheel weights. Now take your pre heated mold, open the sprue plate fully away from the bullet cavities, place a nut which has a hole diameter closely matching the bullet cavity bore over the bullet cavity. Now pour your hard lead down through the nut and fill the chamber until you get a nice sprue puddle on top of the nut but not flowing over the edges of the nut. Let the lead cool completely and remove your lapping slug. Apply a small amount of a lite abraisive such as bore lap paste, valve lapping compound, flitz or even comet cleanser but will need a couple treatments with this as is nearly too lite to the bullet chamber . Reisert the lapping slug into the mold, close the mold gently but dont force it fully closed . While holding the mold by the handles place a small ratchet and socket or a wrench over the nut and slowly rotate the slug while ever so gradually increasing pressure on the mold handles. Patience here fellas, slower is better. Eventually the mould will close completely and the slug turn freely. Now you can quick spin the lapping slug and a powered nut driver gets to be a nice choice. Stop after a bit and then clean out the old lap compound , repeat the lap compound and quick spin for a minute and are good to go. I have done this to all my molds and no more release issues. Try it, you will like it. 10 SPOT
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