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I don't want to put words in his mouth but...

...I got into a conversation with Bprevolver a coupla months ago and he suggests a slight upswing in some of the very rare replicas. (I appologize, Dr. D. if I have missinterpreted that conversation.)

I think we have already seen a little of that. Witness Lyman, partially due to quality as well as rarity, and Hawes at about ten to twenty dollars higher due almost exclusively to rarity.

I don't think you can use that logic to support 200 plus for virtually every NIB brass revolver or 250 plus for every NIB steel revolver as we have seen from the hopeful (and perhaps unwilling to accept reality) sellers on Gunbroker.

As long as Cabelas is selling a brass 1851 pattern for 129.00, that is the market value.


For Hardy,

I would love to see that shop simply for the nostalgia. I bet it is a great little town.

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