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He is there! He has been there forever and is not going anywhere. His storefront is amazing and most of the Irving/Grand Prairie cops stop by routinely. If you get in a hurry you can forget it. He stays so busy that he will never catch up. I have a S&W 629 that I purchased back in the 80's and carried as a duty weapon for years. It has many rounds through it and never gave me a problem. It locked up and would not run at all so I took it to him. He took it apart in less than three minutes, said it needed a guide rod and began to hunt in his parts stock. I don't know how he finds anything in his shop but he knows where everything is. Five minutes later he comes back up front and has about a dozen guide rods in his hands and begins to match them to my particular gun. Now for the important part, he finds three that look like brand new and I tell him I want one to run with and an extra just in case. He asked for $10 for the pair, not $20 but a total of $10! Now all you naysayers out there if you are scared he will rip you off that is fine. Go look elsewhere as he is busy enough as is. I am lucky enough to be within an hour of his shop and wife and I go to her mom's at least every other week now in GP as she is 95 and living alone. Lee's is 1/2 block off the path on the way so it is no problem to stop in for a few minutes to pick up parts. If you are really in a bind and need something right now, the only way to get it from Lee's is to stop by his shop or see him at a gun show in the Metroplex. He has been around at least 35 years that I know of and is one of the most reputable guys that I have known. He also has some off duty/retired officers that do some gun work on the side and you cannot beat the quality of work or the knowledge that is there in his shop! Huge thumbs up for Lee and his shop and it is a shame there is only one of him! JMHO!!
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