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No, people are no worse than they ever were. You could be accused at looking at the past through rose-colored glasses, you know. Drugs and violence are no more acceptable now than they were during prohibition. The culture of our nation has changed, of course, because it is always changing. If you want to send the Mexicans back to Mexico and the nice people from Peru back to the mountains where then came from, then you might want to think about sending the Italians back to Italy, the Greeks back to Greece, and the Irish back to Ireland. But I think we ought to keep the Germans.
Im not going to touch the politics of it.... I will leave it at illegal is illegal no matter what the crime, be it jay walking or murder or anywhere in between. Culture changes I would point to I personally consider to be mostly product of mass media... It seems what you see on tv becomes acceptable in the eyes of the youth even if it is not in actuality acceptable to the masses.

When I was a kid if I was bad at my neighbors I got a swat there and sent home and then I got a swat from my mom when I got home and then when dad got home I got a swat yet again.....

Try that today and you go to prison... Right or wrong what the mass media promotes more often than not seems to become reality for all the wrong reasons...
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