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CVA c/b revolvers new?

I visited a backwoods town hunting/fishing supply store that you would love. It is called Totem Pole. They did not specialize in BP but they had a glass display of NEW? unfired CVA brass revolvers. Unfortunately, it was over a year ago and now realizing that maybe CVA C/B revolvers are scarce. Just brainstorming and have not researched them. Just now came to my CRS crazy mind. I think one was a 36 brass confederate/ a 44 and a derringer etc. Hey! Do CVA still offer these and wonder if the store has had them for 30+/- years. I think they were priced 260+/-. I can go back to see if they still have them--if practicable. I haven't seen cva revolvers on catelogue they offer us.

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