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It's not their equipment I object to,,,

In fact I believe they should have whatever they need to catch the bad guys,,,

It's the militarization of their general attitudes I strongly object to.


When the cops start acting like every citizen is someone they need to put into submission so they can do their jobs,,,
They need to redefine exactly what their job actually consists of.

I'm also tired of law enforcement referring to me as a civilian,,,
I'm a citizen dag-nabbit and they must never forget that I'm why their job exists!

Too many police officers have adopted the attitude of,,,
Arrest them all, let the courts sort out the innocents,,,
They have forgotten we are the ones they swore to,,,
"Serve and Protect".

This is the militarization people are not willing to accept,,,
It's their para-military attitudes, not their military equipment.

I do believe this type of LEO is still in the minority,,,
But that minority is doing a great job of alienating LEO personnel from the citizenry in general.


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