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If i tilt my tinfoil hat just right, i am reminded that i would MUCH prefer that the local constabulary be overly well-armed and dressed like stormtroopers to having a larger federal "police" presence. When the rubber hits the road, i believe the local boys will remember who their neighbors/employers are. (tinfoil hat off)

That said, i do miss the days of the smartly dressed police officer in an almost "suit-like" uniform that brought forth emotions of admiration and maybe a little awe or envy, rather than fear or trepidation seen today, in the children of my early childhood and grade school classes on those occasions when such paths crossed (most often for a school presentation by the officer). I can remember selling Christmas trees for a local charity on the same shift as the local Police Chief (now a judge) and being impressed with how nice his DRESS uniform looked and the way the customers looked at it. When i left Memphis last, the sight of a person clad in all black with a ski mask and a helmet was not an indicator of an impending comic book convention of GI JOE fans imitating one of their favorite characters, it was just one of the officers from the Gang Unit (a much needed force in Memphis, no doubt).
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