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I was in south dakota hunting white tail on public land a couple of years ago. When I found out that I drew the rifle tag all I could picture was dropping a deer at 500 yards just like all the shows. In southern michigan all we can use is a shot gun. So for the next couple of months I shot religously. I was confident to 500 yards and had even gotten prety good out to 700. Then the day came there I was, I had been stalking in grassy prairy for an hour. I found a goo spot to take a shot from and got settled in. I ranged the deer at 265 yards but I was breathing too hard to shoot that far. While I was recovering my breath the nice buck and doe layed down. After about another hour passed a little 4 point came along grunting, as he got within a few feet of the doe the big buck jumped up and charged him. They ran right to me and I took the shot at 30 yards with a 300wm. So much for my long range hunting. It was a 10 point that scored 143.
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