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Storm Lake /poor cs

I ordered a barrel (11-29-11)from them and did the 2 week wait and when I got the barrel it was the wrong one,my reciept showed the right one though. Ok mistakes happes,I called them imediately about it so they can get going on the right one while I send the wrong one back.Well they didn't do anything until they got the barrel back (3-4 days wasted) then they just put the replacement on the "to do" list,just as is I had just ordered the barrel that day.No rush ,to attempt to get me my barrel as quick as possible.So four weeks now and I was told it will be done by the end of next week +3to4 days more for shipping+January.
By the way this was a Christmas gift for my dad on his 1911 that he wanted to have tightened up.

Edit:after my email to them last night,today they replied back saying the barrel will be sent out next day(which I have now confirmed),so it should be here tommorrow.They did come through with a little push. I hope it is in their typical good quality workmanship.

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