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uple years ago Colorado made a Whitetail season only and you need tags to hunt them before you could take either.

Everything east of I-25 is what they call the Plains area. This year the first Plains tag for whitetails Only was Oct 22-Nov 1 and the Late Plains tag for whitetails Only was Dec 1-14. Either sex tag is an A tag doe tag is B tag.

For Mule deer separate tag is need for the Plains hunt season runs the same time as Whitetail Only dates but for the Oct 22-Nov 1 both buck/doe tag is an A tag for the Dec 1-14 buck tag is A tag and Doe is B tag.

There is 4 (59,69.84,581) unit east of I-25 that are in the Whitetail Only tag and that runs Nov15-Dec31. Either sex/Doe tag is a B tag.

All deer tag are Draw and you can not have 2 A(buck) tags. they have some C tags for some of Plains Whitetail Only units that was started this year you need 10 point it's called a Hybrid Drawing and they only get 20% of the tags with 5 points.

Most all the land east of I-25 is private lot of the good draw units for deer you need points to get a tag and their what called landowner tags. If you don't draw your first choice you get a point so those good units out east may take 15yrs to get a tag. I think their is 52 game unit and only 19 draw code for the Plains whitetail only tags.

The other units in the plains tags runs the same date you can take either whitetail/Mulle
My God! You actually understand those rules?
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