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(Now you got me going)....

One year when I used to hunt with my BIL and all his DNR buddies in their cabin WAY up in the northwest corner of Wisconsin there was a huge snow storm the week before gun hunting. There was easily snow averaging waist high with drifts much higher. My BIL told me to buy, beg or borrow a pair of snowshoes or I wouldn't be able to go 20 yards. I had a relative who had a nice pair so off I went.

If you've never walked on snowshoes, the first few times are really "learning lessons". I spent more time with my head burried in that snow then walking on it I think the first day but I got the hang of it and it was one of the coolest deer hunting experiences I can remember. I had a MONSTER buck 40 yards away coming right at me (I saw his lower half body under the pines and I've never seen a deer that huge before) but somehow I dropped my attention span for a second and he just disappeared. I used my tag on a nice doe and had a great hunt that year. I've never hunted in snow like that since.
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