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I had a friend who was up 15' in a tree standing on a limb bow hunting. All of a sudden something GRABBED his right shoulder very tightly. He just about s*** his pants and slowly turned his head to see a huge owl had landed on his shoulder. The owl blinked his big eyes and flew off. That had to be terrifying!

My first year of deer hunting (almost 50 years ago) we were camping on paper company land in central Wisconsin (marshy) and there was a freezing rain. All the tree branches, bushes and foilage had a heavy layer of ice on it. It was like a scene from a Disney movie, just beautiful.... but we were wet. And so were our guns. One of the guys had an Argentina Mauser and there was a sheet of ice on it. We were sitting under a tree trying to stay dry and this guy was sitting on a stump. All of a sudden here is a nice 8 point buck CRAWLING on his belly not 3' behind the guy on the stump, nose to the ground sneaking away. The guy turns, aims and nothing. His firing pin was froze solid. He couldn't cock the gun or do anything but watch this nice buck crawl away. This was right by our "camp" so no one else had their rifles out. The buck was not injured because as soon as he thought he snuck by us he got up and took off, tail in the air. It was pretty funny and cool.
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