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Tossing Brass

I have trouble every time I go to our county law enforcement range, leaving all that free brass there. Fully paved, 100 by 300 feet--The brass doesn't even get dirty and can't hide in the grass.

The situation is not too bad on official qualification day, because the brass mostly belongs to the agency, and it is sent for trade-in credit. But on open range days, the guys and gals furnish their own ammo, and most do not reload.

There's just TOO MUCH .40 and 9 mm and .223 stuff to bother with. I scrounge as much of the .45 as I can. (Wouldn' t you know it? Almost EVERYONE who reloads, reloads .45 ACP!) And I don't own a .357 SiG.

I already own more 9 and .40 brass than I can afford to load for myself and friends. I do NOT want to get into commercial loading. And, when rushed or in dim light, .40 is hard to tell from .45 at a glance.

So I get as much .45 as I can find, and sometimes a little .38 and .357 brass. (Not much of THAT to be found.) Very little reloadable centerfire rifle other than .223. No .45 Colt or .44 Anything. Can't recall seeing any Super .38 or, indeed, ANY 9 mm other than 9x19. I'm sure we have a couple of people who have .380s but haven't seen any of the brass.

Oh, well, that's how it goes.

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