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Trophy Hunter (Lesnar) Plead's & Pay's

Update to the closed thread "Trophy Hunter Charged"

This is a shocking article about trophy hunting and if the charges are factual I hope this bunch get time and I mean camera crew, producer and all!

MEDICINE HAT, ALBERTA - Former Gophers wrestler and Ultimate Fighting Championship star Brock Lesnar has been accused by Canadian wildlife officials of shooting a mule deer buck in southern Alberta but keeping only the trophy head.

And here is the video that appears to match the story.

Brock Pleads.
Former Gophers wrestler Brock Lesnar, who went on the become UFC heavyweight champion, paid a fine Tuesday to resolve hunting charges against him in Canada.
From Star Tribune,

The Guide is still charged with all three counts but Brock Walks.

For my position on this I would want to think I would defend myself if charged with taking only the head of a harvested animal. and as for Brock's statement about;
"It's the kind of thing that happens to hunters all the time.
is most definitely directed to the charge he plead to. The other charges then disappear.
I will be watching for the guides outcome.
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