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SBRs, ARs, M-series, etc. School me.

I'm in the market for an SBR. Make and manufacturer are undetermined at this point. I have some ideas, but they are relatively uninformed ideas, so I'm hoping this thread can help lead me the right direction without devolving into a fan-boy slug fest.

Basic Want List: Not too extensive at the moment.

AR Based: My thought is it is about the most common platform on the planet, along with the AK, but in this country it's probably top dog. Accessories/parts are around every corner.

Compact: I am perfectly happy with a 7"-10" barrel unless there is some overriding reason not to. I am not interested in a 500mtr tac driver. As long as I could get the job done within, say 200 mtrs max I'd be happy. I intend to add a can to keep the sound level somewhere just short of lethal. The barrel needs to be on the short side to keep the overall package compact.

Caliber: My first thought is to go with the 5.56 since it is relatively effective and it is relatively doable to carry it in bulk. I had thought of something in 9mm given that I'm not looking for extreme range, but I am concerned about parts compatibility across the platform. I felt it best to stick with the standard.

The rest is stuff I'm not sure about.

Gas piston or DI? I'd read that the piston system was cleaner, cooler, and more reliable. The last bit especially in a short barrel system. OTOH, builders like Noveske make some pretty short setups using the DI system. What's the for Dummies explanation of the differences in the two, especially as it relates to an SBR that may or may not have a can on it at any given time.

AR, M4....What gives? What exactly are the differences here and does it even matter given what I'm looking for?

I've also noticed platforms advertised as having a full auto bolt/carrier what not and wondered what difference this made since new manufacture F/As are not allowed for the general public. Is it just a durability issue, and if so what other "full auto" pieces/parts should I be looking for in a build?

This kind of leads me to an unrelated question that is strictly a curiousity thing. What exactly is the difference between a semi auto AR and a full auto version? I've never looked it up specifically but bits and pieces I've read here and there made it seem the difference were slightly more than minor which confused me. Explanation below.

When I was in the Marine Corp we had the old style M16. I remember specifically that they shot semi-auto only, even though marked as full auto capable. When they wanted us to be able to shoot full auto the only thing they gave us was a different selector switch. We popped out the old selector, popped in the new one, and it was ready to rock and roll. If I remember correctly the full auto selector had a much simpler shape than the semi only selector. IE, the full auto one was much simpler to machine than the other one. Anyway, recent reading made it seem more complicated than that, hence my curiousity.

More than happy to answer any pertinent questions related to the platform I'm looking for, as well as entertain any competing suggestions. Thanks a bunch.
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