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Well baddarryl, you have asked the age old question in the shooting sports. There has been some good advice given too. I pretty much agree with the 10% thing as something to think about after the match to get an idea of how you performed. How we pace this during the match is the hard part. While shooting don't think about speed or accuracy. Don't think about shooting fast and never think about slowing down to shoot more accurately. Focus on seeing the sights as well as you need to on each shot. This may be a soft focus on close targets and a hard focus on distant or tight targets. Break each shot as soon you see the sight picture you need. As you gain experience you learn to see your sights faster and faster and learn the quality of sight picture needed for individual targets. Develop the visual patience needed to do this. As you learn to see faster you will naturally be able to shoot faster.

As a great man once said "Speed without hits is just a waste of ammo. Conversely, hits without speed is just a waste of time."

For new shooters, the moments in a stage when you are not shooting actually waste most of the time. Learn a smooth draw and reload then work on making it faster. Move quickly but under control between positions. Don't waste time getting to the shooting.
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