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White tails in Eastern Colorado foothills

The foothills area in Northern Colorado are where these things are living. There are some farms and small rural subdivisions, but also lots of hilly pasture lands. A few years back I shot a nice little two point white tail right on that same area. Stumbled onto him about 30 minutes before sunrise. Just luck.

The mulies seem to get pushed into this valley by hunting pressure on adjoing lands. The later seasons seem to have more deer hanging around. But I suspect the white tails are there most of the time.

I agree with the opinions that white tails are toughr to hunt. Hope that 5 point is still there next fall, and hope to get a shot at him.

These units do not specify mulie or white tail. Essentially, any deer is a deer. Some areas are specific, as pointed out by Old Roper.

Enjoy all of the comments!
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