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You have two targets left, If you don't shoot the targets you get 5 seconds added. If it takes you 11 seconds to reload, you're better off not engaging the targets and taking the misses.
whoa - Kraigwy - seriously? If you don't even bother shooting the targets, you'll get much more than 5 seconds added. I can think of...

10 seconds = 5 PDs for each of 4 misses (assuming the standard 2 rounds/target).

10 seconds = A Failure To Neutralize penalty (5 seconds) for each target that doesn't have at least 1 "down 1" or better.

3 second procedural for not shooting the minimum # of rounds

20 second Failure To Do Right (FTDR) for intentionally skipping the targets to improve your score.

Lessee...comes to 43 seconds. A mighty costly tactic. I don't recommend it.

(Edit added: DonP beat me to it. Like minds chiming in. )

More to the OPs point, though, is that if you're wanting to improve in IDPA, you've got establish a solid habit of shooting within your control. Hosing targets while racking up the PDs and other penalties in the process is a bad habit, and a tough one to break. Do this, and you'll plateau until you do break it. People get faster as they gain experience, but they rarely, IME, get more accurate. Laying a solid foundation now pays big dividends later.
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