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An example, lets say it takes you a certain amount of time to reload. You have two targets left, If you don't shoot the targets you get 5 seconds added. If it takes you 11 seconds to reload, you're better off not engaging the targets and taking the misses.
OK, following your thoughts here, 2 targets, 2 round each not getting shot.

4 missed shots = 4 failure to neutralize= +20 seconds added to the raw time, 2 procedurals for not following course of fire, 1 for each target = 6 seconds added to raw time, and as SO I may just add a failure to do right = 20 seconds added to raw time.(unsportsmanlike conduct)
So lets add this up, to save your 11 seconds on a reload it cost you in penalty time 46 seconds. Maybe that reload wasn't a bad idea after all.

This is from the rule book, page 15 PC 1 section D #2 states, Purposely committing a procedural error because your score will be better even with the penalty, or #3 states not reloading to fire one more round because your score will be better even with the miss
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