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his vehicle was not muscle enough to keep up with an Olds 442 in my hands.
Gotta love that American Muscle ... man what great cars!!!
Still have it? I still have mine (Pontiac Firebird). My wife says I'm clinging to my youth ... yea, so?

Just one case where it saved my bacon. Came out of the garage one night late and found a kid going through my stuff. I yelled at him and as he took off and gave chase. Very weird feeling, kind of surreal and my legs went rubbery. Took me all the way down the driveway and across the street before they were solid again (body chemistry must have finally evened out) and it takes a good deal of effort to keep aware of your surroundings. Caught the kid about 2 houses down. He gave me the 'I'm sorry, all I took was this flashlight, I'll never do it again sir' lines. I checked is bag and indeed all he had was my flashlight. At this time I could see 2 shadows approaching from the NW. The kid again said 'I'm sorry, please mister' and I took the flashlight and told him to get lost. He took off running and as I started home met up with the other 2 who kept coming towards me. They handed me a line of have you seen a kid steeling? They had some stuff taken from them too. I'm sure all 3 were together. I kept the tough image up and just said yea, he took off that way. They very phony like said lets get him and took off running. It's one of those feelings but I'm sure all 3 were together. Had I not seen the other 2 coming I might have held the one kid and called for the cops but 3 on one, I don't think my Karate is that good. Maybe, but I don't want to find out over a flashlight. Last time I ever left the garage open (goes to show you good neighborhood doesn't mean squat).
597 VTR, because there's so many cans and so little time!

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