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Pietta 1873 BP 44 to 45?

I just bought a like new BP Pietta in 44 for $100 bucks and in reading these posts don't understand conversion to .45 acp.?? Was the barrel changed? Pushing a .45 slug down a .44 barrel as my dad would have said "listens good but doesn't sound rite."
And a note to you guys wondering about the "offset firing pin - offset barrel" question. The nipple hole in the BP cyl IS offset to the right. If you look down the cyl from the business end you will see its NOT centered!
So indeed, if one puts a regular smokeless cartridge cyl in this, correctly amends or adapts the firing pin it would fire correctly without re timing - re-indexing or whatever. IMO
Point taken about the primers on the cartridge blowing back or out. Possible low power cartridge load, use BP cartridge, or a colt fireing pin bushing.
Special thanks to Breed for your insite on this board.

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