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Very cool Darryl, I'm just gearing up for IDPA this next spring. Think I have the gear I need, have found a club that participates (at a reasonable price and not too far from me), just need some nicer weather now. Here's one thing I'm working with, if you're lucky there may be a CO2 pistol in a replica of your gun. I'm planning on at least starting with my 92FS (and hope to stick with it though it's not 100% ideal for IDPA) and am lucky that there are a couple of very good replicas out there including one with a steel frame that feels just like the real deal. The replicas (pellet/BB, not air soft) are the same size and grip feel as the real guns so they are great for practicing the mechanics including firing. Reloads are a little odd as the CO2's have these miniature 'magazines' (they do use magazines though) but for the rest of the motions they are good practice and can be used almost anywhere you have a little space. I expect my little 'farm' up north to have a small IDPA range on it this next spring. I can't go flinging 9mm all over the place but BB & Pellets are fair game.

Anyway, I think they should add more time for misses or targets not engaged.
Agreed, I like the rules in IDPA but from what I've seen there's still too much emphasis on speed vs accuracy.
597 VTR, because there's so many cans and so little time!
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