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Regarding the 158gr +P FBI loads, I would test them in the gun before jumping to conclusions.

I suspect that the warning against using +P loads with lead bullets may be a CYA measure to prevent shooters from using loads that aren't firmly crimped; however, IIRC the Remington-brand 158gr +P FBI loads I use in my M638 have a heavy roll crimp at the case mouth and a machine-applied "crush" crimp in the case near the base of the bullet. I bet that Remington took these steps to ensure that these bullets will never jump crimp no matter how light of a revolver you use them in.

I would load the gun, fire 3 rounds, inspect the remaining 2 rounds for signs of jumping crimp, and repeat. Personally, if I got through 2 boxes (20 cylinders) of FBI loads and none of them jumped crimp, I'd call it good and carry them.
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