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I shoot these type of matches through out the summer and enjoy the heck out of them but they do seem to stress speed more then accuracy.

Maybe its because subconsciously I think the accuracy should be stressed more because I'm slow or maybe its the old cop in me (cops have to account for missed rounds flying all over the place).

Anyway, I think they should add more time for misses or targets not engaged.

An example, lets say it takes you a certain amount of time to reload. You have two targets left, If you don't shoot the targets you get 5 seconds added. If it takes you 11 seconds to reload, you're better off not engaging the targets and taking the misses.

Same thing with hostage targets, you get 5 seconds added if you hit a hostage, but some stages you can do better time wise if you just spray the area hitting all targets including the hostage.

Here's another one which I actually did. Last year we had a three gun match. In the rifle phase you had to hit three targets with two rounds each. In with the three targets were three hostage targets. I was brain dead when it was my turn and shot all three hostage targets skipping the bandit targets. But because it was a rifle, and I am a rifle shooter, I smoked the stage time wise. Looking at the bulletin, I actually beat some people who took their time and got good solid hits on the bandit targets not hitting the hostages.

But I don't make the rules, I'll just keep shooting and having fun. Keep practicing concentrating on accuracy while increasing my speed.

But I would like to see them all more time for misses and hostage hits.
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