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Go down to the local bow shop. Just let them know exactly what you told us and they should be able to help out big time. When I first got into bow hunting, I bought a used bow (nice one no less) for 150 bucks. Set up and everything I was out the door for under 300 bucks. Speed is nice, but remember that indians killed deer hundreds of years ago with a stick and string. Speed is nice but it costs money, and can sometimes be noisy (read that as counterproductive). I would steer clear of Wal Mart type set ups, the people there just don't have the expertise to address all the issues properly. The final analysis is that you can spend as much as you want to on a bow setup, but you dont HAVE to blow a bunch of $$. For a new setup with a nice bow Id say you could spend 250 for the bow (new), 75 for arrows, 35 for the arrow rest, 45 for sights, 30 bucks for broadheads, maybe a few extra's and you leave for under 400 bucks with a brand new setup. The cost can go up steeply from there depending on which bow you choose. Good luck and let us know if you have anymore questions.
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