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Whitetail bucks (in Wisconsin) have their summer "routines" and are fairly predictable. Then during the rut they go bonkers and there are no rules or guidelines as to where they'll be or at what time. If you can find does during the rut you should get a chance at a buck. After the rut, the bucks don't move much during the day and that's usually when rifle season takes place. They'll bed in corn fields and if none are around marshes. I've been chasing whitetail for almost 50 years and they usually always get the best of me. If you try and go in the rough stuff after them they'll run circles around you. That's why most of us in Wisconsin sit on stand. The odds are just better.

I hunted Wyoming years ago for whitetail and they tended to be more like mulies. No deep woods so they go in the groups with the doe and followed river beds. Alot easier hunting IMHO.
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