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S&W 342

I have a new to me S&W 342 coming tomorrow, looking for anyone knowledgeable about this particular J-frame to answer a couple questions. The 342 is an alloy frame with a titanium cylinder, it is 11oz and I understand it to be the lightest .38spl S&W ever produced. It was replaced by the 642 which was less expensive and only 4oz. heavier.

Anyway, questions. I have read that the titanium cylinder needs to be babied a bit more than normal. Does this mean I can't use a brass brush? Solvent? What specifically is going to hurt the gun?

Secondly, its recommended not to shoot lead +P loads in it (the gun is +P rated), because they can become unseated during recoil. I typically like the FBI load, especially because its half the cost of the newer stuff. But do the lead bullets really make a difference in whether they will come loose during recoil?

Any other tips specific to this gun welcome.
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