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IDK when your seasons run ...... but if you want to find that buck right before and during the rut (usually the first full moon of November where I hunt in SC/SW Nebraska), know where those doe are living. He'll be around, "looking for love" ....... And he'll be dumber'n a brick, too, with one thing on his mind, and it won't be you, or his own personal safety, either......

IME, whitetail doe where I hunt don't go very far, so long as there is food, water, and cover ...... when chased out of one woodlot or creek bottom, they will be right back in it in a day or two...... I have seen Mulies run for miles, and they don't seem to care where thay are at, so long as they can see a good distance when they bed down....... I don't see near as many Mulies as I did when I was younger ...... I have seen a few "hybrid deer"..... dark grey coated whitetails with bit of a black tip on their tails and antler tines that fork on the ends....
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