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Thanks Jimbob

The reason I am asking is, I hunted a bunch of whitetail this fall in the late season. They outsmarted my old butt, and later a mulie got kind of slow and he now resides in the freezer. Anyway, next year it would be nice to get a chance on that group of whitetail, as there was a really nice buck in with the does. So, in order to draw up in the best season, I am wondering if the whitetails might be residents of that area year round. If I lived really close it would be fun to mosey up there and scope out the area every now and then, but it is a fair little drive and have a day job.

It seemed maybe the first rifle season would be a good chance to get that buck, but if the whitetails moved around seasonally, then the hunt might be pointless. Seems like the mulies move into that area after the first season, so a guy might get skunked.

Thanks again for your thoughts!
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