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Additionally, has Meckler stipulated that he never left New York? Has any verifiable evidence been put forward that he remained in NYC the entire 4 days? Could he have gone to VT, PA, NH, ME, etc on his trip?

He could claim he only went through NY for the airport portions of a multistate trip, and use FOPA.

He could claim that his stays, if any, in NY were incidental to the airline portion of a multistate itinerary, and try to use FOPA - in an attempt to get case law on what defines an allowed stop.

Or he could have stayed in NYC the whole time, and put forward an argument that the complete ban in place is unconstitutional. That would be the best one yet, as far as potential outcomes for the pro-RKBA side... but would be the costliest for Meckler.

I doubt an "Oops" defense will cut water in NY, so I hope that isn't where this is going.
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