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More than once situational awarness has saved my behind.

Once I was working as a cable contractor in a place that 2 of the other guys I worked with had been beaten and robbed. (No suspects had been caught.) I saw 3 people triangulating me when it was starting to get dark. I was 25 feet off the ground on a ladder at the time. I climbed down, left the ladder on the pole, got in the truck drove a block away. They turned and started towards me again. I drove to a well lit parking lot a few more yards away keeping an eye on them, and my ladder. I called a friend that is the cop that patrols the area. He drove up in, and they started to walk away when he was pulling up.

My friend the cop covered me while I finished my work, and put the ladder back on the rack of my truck. My friend the cop told me that a few hours later the 3 guys were arrested for agrivated robbery. They beat a guy, then took his money, and cell phone. Someone saw it happen, and called 911.

Oh by the way I did have a compact .45 acp on me at the time. Did not feel the need to draw it. I would have drove farther away if they started to close on me.
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