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hogdogs called it right on...

I tried the vanilla thing this year. Scared the deer away from my stand. No more scent BS. All those products mentioned are BS. Never had even one work. I have rattled in a couple deer but that's very spotty and I think you scare them away more then you draw them in. Same with grunt calls. Tinks is junk. So are all the others I've tried. The Scent Lock stuff is BS. I've been deer hunting for almost 50 years now. We got deer "back then" without all this stuff. Let your hunting clothes hang outside for a day or two. Bath without using smelly soap and don't put on smelly deodorant. They make scentfree stuff. Use the wind. No matter how much care you take, if the wind is wrong the old bucks will scent you. Just don't take it personal...
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