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If you are shooting more or less traditional, sharp pointed conicals, you can take a similarly shaped dremel grinder bit and cone the seating ram more or less to shape. This often helps with straight seating. The Army and 61 Navy with the blade front sights often hit very close to the correct elevation. The bullets cast from the decorator brass moulds are often undersize for the chambers and tend to throw frequent fliers from an otherwise, fairly good group. For the maximum in clean shooting, the Eastern Maine Shooters Supply treated wool wads sold by The Possibles Shop ( a few years back-havent checked lately) are good- stiffer and more effective than wonderwads. Otherwise, whether or not an over-ball grease is used, I manage to maintain accuracy by lightly swabbing the bore after each cylinder full. The over-ball grease tends to gunk up the revolver very quickly and I've done a lot of shooting without it. The only cross-ignitions Ive had have been with undersize or irregular projectiles though results may vary here. Some people will tell you that doing this is asking for chain fires but it hasn't happened in my shooting.
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