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I've been trying to wrap my head around this MOA concept for a while now, starting with the geometric principle and then trying to relate it to marksmanship. I was shown at a young age how scopes can be adjusted using 'clicks' (nice having a dad working as a sharpshooter with the RCMP's ERT team Most common scopes seem to be set up as 1 click = 1/4 MOA, some at 1/8...

What I could really use is some practical instruction or demonstration relating this principle to marksmanship. Should I join a rifle club? And if so, would MOA be their standard of accuracy measure? Or are there any good videos online? I'm generally a learn-by-doing type so the theory has gone over my head a little.

Also, as Jeff mentioned above, it's definitely a bonus knowing how to adjust your scope for different ranges without first firing a shot. Does this require making a drop chart for a specific rifle?
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