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Dad always said dont set a gun down in the field cause you will never find it. He must have been right LOL

I was hunting a field had some trees, I was crossing thru the trees dog in front when a squirrel fell out of the tree, he lit on the ground looked at us then run off to another tree. Dog looked at me as if he was seeing things. Was kinda funny.

I was hunting deer, nothing so I went out of the stand got my shotgun and a dog, went pheasant hunting. I get over a few hills and see a doe walking up the path 10 feet or so in front of me, I got down real low and watched a buck come up nose to the ground following her scent. I shucked the shells out and put in 2 deer slugs. Buck got up on the doe, was going at it when I shot him..... He fell over still pumping air, almost felt bad about it.
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