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My best friend has a beautiful one from US firearms in .44-40, and has some of the nicest walnut and is extremely accurate- even has a nickel receiver. I don't think US firearms makes them any more.

We shared it at a match last year- the one thing to know about these guns is that they are not forgiving if you don't fully work the action. If the action is short stroked, the gun will jam, as I found out. With practice, fully engaging the action is not a problem- but be ready with a screwdriver to take the little guides out of the action to get the cartridge unjammed until you've perfected actioning it at speed.

IIRC, the gun was a bit finicky about ammunition- not so much the OAL, but if there was the slightest protrusion of the brass around the bullet, it would hang up. A stout roll crimp easily solved that problem.

One alternative to the Lightning it might be the Burgess lever gun- it is essentially the same action, but in lever format.
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