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Why not... one of the replica pump guns in 45 Colt ???

looks like my wife is planning on CAS shooting this next year, so she'll be using my 38 / 357... leaves me looking for a new rifle ( & maybe something a bit more unique ) in 45 Colt...

I've seen these Rossi pumps out there, but never seen one at the cowboy range...

heard "feed issues" as the reason ??? I have a local smith that can help me if I have any issues, & I'm a very critical hand loader... I'd think I could find a load & COL that would work in the rifle...

I see they are most often available in like 26" barrel lengths, but my buddy could easily trim it down to 20" & hold only 10 in the tube...

could you guys give me the reasons these aren't the guns to use ??? I'd think the pumps could be made to run out as fast as a short stroked lever gun ???
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