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Rather than post a new topic and since my questions are on topic for this:

I have not bow hunted since 77, when I left Ohio, but am growing more and more interested here in Texas.

I intend at least 6 months training on the lines of my firearms practice (I shoot at least 4 days a week and probably average more like 6 days with long guns being used at least once/twice a week).

How much money should I spend on equipment? What are best Bang for the Buck bows? I know there has been major changes in archery equipment, so what are the most useful new features I should insist on?

I have 5 young children and already feel guilty spending on my hobbies but luckily I acquired most of my firearms prior to marriage and they are relatively low maintanence (dollar wise, I took a gunsmithing course as teenager and do most of my own repair/mod work myself).
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