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open carry........shoot me first.
open carry = shoot me first. There, I fixed it for you.

I also agree with you 100%. I will only ever CC even in a OC state.
Doesn't happen. The opposite happens: crime goes away or at least waits until the people open carrying go away.

That said, the prudent man plans ahead and uses a retention holster. A concealed backup gun is always a good idea.

RE: California carry ban

There is no right to keep and bear arms in California's constitution. The ban was implemented because the legislature is confident that they can get away with it. They didn't like that someone was carrying a gun despite their silly laws. California gun owners are not going to solve the problem.

How often does your (well regulated) militia muster down your way?
In California? Never. This is why the legislature feels confident it can do anything it wants and Californians will just accept it.

Before the teeth gnashing and whining starts: go read the words of Thomas Jefferson and others. They were far more explicit about what needs to be done based upon the conditions of TODAY.

Does anyone here believe Jefferson would have sat around and allowed the people who National Defense Authorization Act to live without fear?
Does anyone actually believe that the Founders were sitting around in John Adams' tavern UNARMED because they believed a bar should be a gun free zone?
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