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What do you think hes going to ask you for, one of your beers?
Funny. I know exactly what he's going to ask for. But I'm not reaching for anything until I'm told. From what the cop sees, I could be shuffling around getting my papers out of the glovebox, or out of my wallet. Or I could be stashing drugs or a gun.

Its not that hard to have your paperwork handy. You know that they are going to ask for it anyway. If its in your wallet, its fast, one stop shopping.
That's an idea for someone who only has one vehicle. I'm not keeping the registration for my four vehicles, a company vehicle, a rental truck and a rental car in my wallet. Along with 3+ different insurance policies.

Besides I'm not reaching for anything until the cop asks me to do it, and even then I'm going to do it very slowly, keep my hands where he can see them, and let him know if I'm doing anything he might not expect.
Not gonna end up like Amadou Diallo.

I don't like nervous cops and I don't like guns pointed at me. Been there, done that- played Simon Says with two Okeechobee cops with guns pointed at me, both giving me conflicting commands at a traffic stop.

Why is it such a big deal to sit still until the cop is watching and is ready for you to do it? Are you in a hurry? Do you have someplace to go?
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