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Now I did lube the pin pretty heavy
It needs as little lube as you can use to prevent surface rust.

Any more than a thin surface film is not required ad can cause problems.

For freshly cut metal, clean it with a good degreasing solvent like gun scrubber or brake cleaner to make sure there is nothing left on the surface, then apply a moderately heavy coat of lubricant and let the piece sit for a few minutes.

Wipe the excess lube off.
A final pass with a now lube saturated spot on the wipe does the job.

You will have left a thin film to prevent surface rust, without leaving excessive lube that can interfere with operation.

I have been using Break Free CLP for many years now, and it has served very well.
No rusty fingerprints, no emblems in any temperature.

Cleaning before applying lube (especially on metal that has been worked to expose a fresh surface) really matters especially if you used any cutting lubricant).

And if you ever need to change a firing pin hole, it needs to be reamed after any drilling.
Sometime reaming is all that is required fr a small change in size.
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