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Having spent most of my adult life in NJ, where no matter what anyone might say or post regarding gun rights mapping, there is NO carry unless you know the governor, etc., I had previously only carried openly, on private property and openly in the military, decades ago.

Here in TX, we have only CCW and I'm more than fine with that. First, it is a right I had denied before leaving that blue state and second, as others have posted, I don't care to advertise. I do wish open carry would pass here though so that if one were to print or accidentally show, it would not have the catastrophic effects many allude to.

I have yet to experience summer carry and that might necessitate pocket carry of a snubby. Until then it's strong side 4 o'clock IWB, FBI cant, high, with a t-shirt or covering garment. I suppose in a more populace gun friendly environment I might carry IWB in the same position, lower and with the t-shirt tucked.
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