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With all of the input and given my budget, I am leaning towards the S&W. I was able to see one in person and liked the feel. My local shop just received one in Friday, a few hours before I stopped by.

It is the one I want but, without Crimson Trace grips (just like your first pic John Eastwood). If I take this one it is $755(cash). If I order the Crimson Grips version it is $925 (cash).

If I am going to order, I might wait and get the one that really grabs my attention, the SW1911SC (with the bobtail) for $1125. Stretching to the $1300 price point will be a little difficult to justify when this is just one of the things demanding a portion of my income.

At least it looks like I have settled on the S&W though.
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