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Can you ID this weapon?

One of my LT's in Vietnam (circa 1969) thought he could bring this home but lost his desire to do so when he thought about spending time in Leavenworth. He says he thinks it was a VC one-off made up from various pieces. Looks too high-quality, especially with that shiny barrel. Looks like a cross between a good ol' US grease gun and an early Uzi. Any ideas? Obviously 9mm, but polymer in '69? I don't remember long ammo mags like that back then. Is my LT hosin' me?

Update: The background matches the decor as I remember it in officers' hootches at the 221st SigCo back in 1969 and the vertical post and the 45* angle support against which the weapon is laid are correct for the first level of a military bunk. 01's and 02's bunked two to a room. The messed up sheets are the mama-san's fault.

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