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need some help and information please

I'm new to muzzle loaders and could use some information.

What I'd like to do is build a left handed side lock percussion rifle in .32 or .36 cal.. I can't seem to locate any mfg. with a kit for this. If anyone knows of one could you please let me know?

On the other hand, I would kind of like to try the build from scratch, if no kit is available. In that regard I'd like recommendations on where to buy the needed components ( such as a stock blank). I have no timeline for this project and would spend months or even years working on it with no regret.

I've been told inletting a stock blank is very challenging. Fortunately I have developed good relationships with three professional smiths that I could go to for help, so I wouldn't be all alone in the cold trying to figure things out myself.

Any help or tips would be appreciated, Thanks
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