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New Jersey is not often the place one would think of finding a giant black bear in the wild, let alone a half mile from a local high school there. But that is exactly what NJ officials recorded when a hunter brought in his find. Makes you think twice about those .22 LR for woods defense in NJ!!
What does it matter, if it was 1/2 mile from a high school?

New Jersey is so heavily populated, it's pretty hard to get 1/2 mile from anything. It just goes to show how ignorant and unobservant people are, that no one knew the bear was even in the area.
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Sorry, but if you read the story, the man that shot this bear on his property was aware of it prior to shooting it. He just wasn't hunting it actively, only the deer. I would not call him ignorant and unobservant.

Bruce and his family prefer venison, but he missed a shot at a buck on opening day of bear and deer season, Dec. 5, at the 150-acre property that has been in his family for nine generations. It abuts the 3,200-acre Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, Morris County's biggest park.

Headley had seen the big bruin in his backyard in late September “under a yellow delicious apple tree shoving apples into its mouth,” about half a mile from Jefferson High School. He wasn't hunting for it, but was one of 7,294 other hunters who bought $2 bear hunting permits.
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