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yes just the 5 digits, i cant see more ..theyre in the butt under the oversized grip, its a 6 shots, 38 caliber, round the attachment you can see a photo
About all that can be said with absolute certainty based on the photo, is it was made between 1955 (when the upper side plate screw was dropped) and 1982 (when the pinned barrel feature was dropped).

Also the serial number would have a prefix, likely a "C" or "D".

To get a closer estimate of date you'll have to provide the serial number, and to see the serial number the grips will have to come off.

could you give me a date on my 38 model 10? n/serial 9676x. no model in the yoke just the number 426xx
If there's no model number it's not a model 10. The numbering system began in mid-1957.
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